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VO2 Max Lactate Threshold Testing
Physician trained at a United States Olympic Committee Sports
Science and Technology National Network Testing Facility
Dr. Silberman performs the same VO2 Max Lactate Threshold testing our
Olympic athletes get.

Determine you Power at LT, the most important physiological parameter
in endurance cycling.

cyclists, VO2 max lactate threshold test is performed using your own
bicycle and consists of a ramp protocol of cycling at progressively higher
resistances until exhaustion.  The testing session lasts one hour.  For
runners, testing is performed on a treadmill.  Lactate testing for swimming
also available.

Dr. Silberman has worked with Professional triathletes, cyclists, and
runners, national champions, national record holders, Major League
professional athletes, collegiate and high school athletes, mountain
climbers, motocross athletes, rowers, and more.  With coaching, he has
increased VO2 in moderately trained individuals by more than 20%.

The cost is $300 for one VO2 Max Lactate test.
Group team rates are available.
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