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Physician trained at a United States Olympic Committee Sports Science
and Technology National Network Testing Facility
, Dr. Silberman
performs the same testing our Olympic athletes get.

Services include:
VO2 max testing, Submax testing, Lactate Threshold
testing, Exercise Induced Asthma testing, and Video Gait Analysis.

VO2 Max Test: Run on treadmill at predetermined set speed with increase in
gradient 1% every minute until exhaustion.  No lactate samples measured.  
Data you will leave with: maximum oxygen uptake, maximum heart rate,
heart rate at 'lactate threshold' based on non-blood parameters.

Submax Test or Lactate Threshold Test: Run on treadmill at progressively
higher speeds every three minutes with finger prick sample of blood for
lactate measurement.  Must be able to hop off and straddle moving treadmill
and hop back with each stage.  Test does not have to go to exhaustion.  
Speed and Heart Rate at lactate levels of 2 and 4 mmol are determined with
pattern of heart rate and lactate as speed increases.

Team discounts available.


Proper Running Technique: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEOS!


Run F.A.S.T., not hard.  Run easy, not slow

Running barefoot kicks up mixed emotions

Laws of Training

6 weeks to 5km

The Wet Test


Run like Haile Gebreselassie (Run like this!)

Do not run like this!


1.       The Basics
2.       Side steps
3.       Cross overs
4.       Skips
5.       Butt kicks, high knees, backwards
6.       Strides
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