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Cycling VO2 Max Lactate Threshold Test
Get Better. Faster.
Physician trained at a United States Olympic Committee Sports
Science and Technology National Network Testing Facility
Dr. Silberman performs the same VO2 Max Lactate Threshold Testing our
Olympic athletes get.

VO2 Max Lactate Threshold Power Output Testing is performed using your
own bicycle and consists of a ramp protocol of cycling at progressively
higher resistances until exhaustion.  The testing session lasts one hour.


Maximum aerobic power (MAP) = watts at VO2 Max
Pattern of heart rate as power output increases
Pattern of blood lactate levels as power output increases
Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 Max)
Maximum heart rate
Training Zones for an individual training program


What to Bring for Cycling Power Output Lactate V02 Max Testing

Consent Form (Fill out and bring to test)

Physical Readiness Questionnaire(Fill out and bring to test)

Sample Athlete Lactate Curve

How do you compare to the professionals?

Test Protocol


Laws of Training
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