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Bike Fit
bike fit.  He has raced in Europe and has been in doctor's offices and bike
shops just like you.  Along the way he has experienced more lessons in
life, injury, defeat and victory than any book could have ever taught him.  
"I have been in your shoes, on the road and in the doctor’s office, just like

Dr. Silberman is published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.
‘Road Bicycle Fit'. 15(4):269-274, July 2005.  The article continues to be
the preeminent scientific article on bicycling fit to date.

Dr. Silberman is published in Current Sports Medicine Reports
'Bicycling Injuries' September/October 2013 - Volume 12, Issue 5.

Dr. Silberman authored the chapter Bicycling Injuries, in the textbook
Netter's Sports Medicine, First Edition 2009 and Second Edition 2017.

Dr. Silberman presented at the annual AMSSM meeting in Orlando in
2018 on Road Cycling Medicine.

Dr. Silberman gave an instructional course on Bike Fit at the annual
AMSSM meeting in Utah in May 2011.

Dr. Silberman presented two talks at the annual AMSSM meeting in
Tampa in April 2009: 1. Video Analysis of Bicycle Fit  2. Iliac Artery
Disease in Cyclists.
Reasons for a fit:

1.        New bicycle set up
2.        Shave time off of your 40km time trial
3.        Achieve more power at less energy cost
4.        Address pain, ailment, nagging injuries, or discomfort
How your fit will be performed:

1.        Medical history & physical pertinent to cycling is performed
2.        Measurements will be taken of your bicycle and yourself
3.        You will ride your bicycle on a Computrainer®
4.        Video-analysis may be performed
5.        Heart rate, RPM, watts, and pedal torque may be analyzed
Consent(fill out and bring to your fit)

Readiness to Test Questionnaire(fill out and bring to your fit)
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