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Regenerative Orthopedics
Regenerative Medicine is the field of medicine dedicated to repairing or
regrowing damaged tissue.  Rejuvenation is the boosting of the body's natural
ability to heal itself.

Dr. Silberman trained under one of the pioneers in the field of regenerative
medicine, Dr. Brian Shiple, while a fellow at the Crozer Chester Medical Center
Sports Medicine Institute.

The most promising recent advances in sports medicine and the field of
regenerative orthopedic medicine are
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy,  2nd
generation PRP therapy (
Platelet Rich Fibrin or PRF) and adult mesenchymal
Stem Cell Therapy, all performed by Dr. Silberman at New Jersey Sports

Platelet Rich Plamsa (PRP) or Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)
$600 for one joint

Platelet rich plasma therapy or PRP is a treatment where your own blood (autologous
blood therapy) in a concentrated form of platelets (rich in growth factors and cytokines)
is injected into an injured muscle, tendon, ligament, or arthritic joint to treat pain, improve
function, and stimulate your own body to heal damaged tissue.  

Dr. Marc Silberman is now the first to offer in sports medicine in New Jersey, the second
generation platelet rich plasma known as Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) or Choukron's Injectable
Platelet Rich Fibrin (i-PRF) which has a significantly higher number of platelets, growth
factors, and leukocytes.  Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin (i-PRF) which requires no additive as
PRP does, contains in addition to platelets and growth factors, B- and T-lymphocytes,
monocytes, neutrophilic granulocytes, and stem cells required for neovascularization and
angiogenesis used in healing (Choukron 2017).

Over 300 molecules are released by platelets when injected into your body accelerating the
natural healing process and promoting cartilage repair (Moussa et al in Experimental Cell
Research, February 2017).

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) can be used for both acute and chronic injuries.

PRP is beneficial for arthritis and cartilage injuries:  A 2017 article demonstrates how
Rich Plasma (PRP) protects against cartilage degradation in arthritis by 1. increasing the
proliferation of chondrocytes, the only cells located in cartilage, whose job it is to
produce and maintain your cartilage, 2. reversing senescence (deterioration with age) and
increasing quiescent cells (non-aging cells that can withstand stress and preserve key
functional features ), and by 3. significantly decreasing chondrocyte apoptosis (cell death).

PRP is beneficial for tendon injuries: An injection of PRP in a torn achilles tendon stimulates
early phase of tendon healing and ultimately resulted in a stronger tendon more resistant to

PRP is beneficial for ligament injuries:
PRP therapy was successful in returning high level
baseball players with UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) partial thickness tears to competition
much earlier than those treated conservatively.

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Stem Cell Therapy $2000 for one joint

Adult bone marrow contains powerful multipotent progenitor cells called mesenchymal
stem cells (MSCs).  These stem cells have two important properties.  They can
differentiate into bone, cartilage, muscle, tendon, ligament, and other connective tissue
and thus, have great potential for use in rebuilding damaged or diseased tissue.  Second,
they secrete a large array of bioactive molecules, similar to PRP, that provide a
regenerative microenvironment to limit the area of damage in diseased tissue and to
mount a self regulated regenerative response, referred to as trophic or nutritional activity
(Arnold Caplan,
Adult Mesenchymal Stell Cells for Tissue Engineering Versus
Regenerative Medicine, Journal of Cellular Physiology, 2007).  These bioactive factors
inhibit scarring, inhibit cell death (aptosis), stimulate new blood vessel formation, and
stimulates the mitosis of intrinsic tissue stem cells (where one cell divides to become two
identical cells).

Dr. Silberman obtains these stem cells from your bone marrow using a novel patent
pending FDA approved bone marrow aspiration needle from Marrow Cellution, that
requires only one puncture, 10cc of aspiration, and no manipulation or processing of the
bone marrow.  Some have even described the procedure as painless.  It is a closed
system, direct from your body back into your body, targeted under ultrasound guidance
and delivered directly to your site of injury, disease, or damage.

Bone marrow aspirate stem cell therapy has been used successfully in treatment of
cardiomyopathy, chronic stroke, spinal cord injury, and myocardial infarction
(heart attack). Be wary of testimonials though as these do not constitute science.

In a 2015 randomized controlled study,
bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells
were found to provide pain relief in the treatment of osteoarthritis and improved cartilage
appearance on MRI.

A systemic review on bone marrow aspirate stem cell therapy in orthopedics has shown
bone marrow aspirate concentrate has been used in bone, cartilage, and tendon injuries
with encouraging results, with more research needed (
Imam et al., Orthopedic Reviews
2016).  A clear benefit in human and animal models has also been demonstrated in the
treatment of cartilage injuries for which microfracture has been less than successful in
clinical experience (
Holton et al. Orthop Rev 2016).

Is bone marrow aspirate or adipose tissue stem cell injection for everyone?
No.  I have seen many athletes and patients come from other locations treated with stem
cell therapy, prolotherapy, ozone, prolozone, and/or PRP when they should not have
been treated with these often over priced out of pocket treatments at regenerative
institutes.  Dr. Silberman has treated failures from the "Kobe" Clinic in Germany where
stem cells are cultured outside of the body, patients operated on at the Hospital for
Special Surgery (HSS), and patients referred from the Cleveland Clinic.  Nobody is
bigger than medicine, so don't be fooled by snake oil salesmen at regenerative institutes
and stem cell centers. Be wary of testimonials, as they do not constitute science.

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