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You can get a musculoskeletal MRI without contrast for
$299 at New Jersey Sports Medicine.


MRI, short for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a an invaluable
diagnostic imaging tool in the field of sports medicine.  Unlike
X-rays and CT scans which use ionizing radiation, MRIs do not
expose you to radiation but use powerful magnets to generate
images.  While x-rays are the initial diagnostic imaging tool for
suspected acute fractures, MRIs are the diagnostic test for stress
fractures not seen on x-rays.  MRIs can also image soft tissue,
muscle, ligament, tendon, cartilage, labrum, disc, nerves, spinal cord,
and arthritis not seen on x-ray.  And while in office diagnostic
ultrasound that Dr. Silberman performs at New Jersey Sports
Medicine can rapidly diagnosis superficial ligament (for example,
knee MCL tears and sprains) and superficial tendon tears and
tendonosis (patella tendon, elbow tendon, achilles tendon and rotator
cuff tears), MRI can be superior for other sports medicine injuries.  
Each imaging modality has its strengths and weaknesses.

Most insurance plans require prior authorization to obtain an MRI.

For your physician to obtain prior authorization for you to obtain an
MRI 'covered' by your insurance, your insurance company often will
make you take ibuprofen for 6 weeks, make you complete 6 weeks of
physical therapy, and make you take a series of x-rays, all to the tune
of thousands of dollars, out of your pocket, for you to obtain
authorization and your covered MRI.  Prior authorization is not a
guarantee of payment.  Even with insurance prior authorization and
coverage, you can get stuck with a $3000 bill from a hospital or
imaging facility, especially if you have a deductible.

Do you want an MRI faster, without spending thousands of dollars?  
No problem at New Jersey Sports Medicine.

You can get a musculoskeletal orthopedic MRI without contrast
for $299 at New Jersey Sports Medicine.

Self pay $299
No insurance needed
No prior authorization needed
Wait time 1 to 2 days
MRI Report by a board certified radiologist
MRI review and exam by a board certified sports medicine physician

Don't have a prescription for an MRI? No problem at New Jersey
Sports Medicine.  Dr. Silberman can provide you with a prescription
for an MRI at New Jersey Sports Medicine.

MRIs should always be reviewed by a sports medicine physician
who has examined the patient, as the multiple findings on an MRI are
often NOT the cause of your pain and symptoms; abnormal findings
can be normal usual age related processes (for example, labral tears,
meniscus tears, and herniated discs can be expected 'normal' findings
and may not require surgery).

The United States Health Care System ranks last among the 11
developed nations of the world.   In addition to ranking at the bottom
in terms of access, administrative efficiency, equality of coverage
and health care outcomes, the United States spends the most money
on health care.  New Jersey Sports Medicine is dedicated to making
the system better, faster.

Please call (908) 647 - 6464 to schedule a $299 MRI at New Jersey
Sports Medicine.
Get Better. Faster.
Get Better. Faster.
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