New Jersey Sports Medicine Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

New Jersey Sports Medicine has remained open and will continue to
do so during this trying time as an essential business.

Testing for COVID-19 is available at New Jersey Sports Medicine.

New Jersey Sports Medicine is a one physician office and as such traffic
flow is less than other orthopedic offices limiting our and your contact
with others.

Because we are a one physician office, at New Jersey Sports Medicine
we have been able to space patient visits to limit your contact with other
patients.  If you wish, you may wait in your car and we will get you prior
to your visit with Dr. Silberman.

New Jersey Sports Medicine has an open large exam room, greater than
20 feet by 10 feet allowing us to social distance when possible.

Unlike most physicians, Dr. Marc Silberman has no hospital practice or
nursing home long term facility practice.
Get Better. Faster.
Get Better. Faster.
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