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Exercise Asthma Testing
All elite athletes involved in endurance sports should undergo
testing to exclude the presence of Exercise Induced Asthma.
Clin J Sport Med. May 2004; 134 - 138.
Dr. Silberman specializes in the work-up and treatment of exercise induced asthma.  He
has diagnosed and treated elite, collegiate, high school, and recreational athletes who had
previously been seen by pulmonologists.

Clinical symptoms and questionnaires may guide the diagnosis  of asthma but have been
found to be only a mediocre guide, often underdiagnosing and overdiagnosing the
condition of exercise induced asthma (EIA) or exercised induced bronchospasm (EIB).

An exercise challenge test, otherwise known as spirometry or pulmonary function test,
will be performed in the
NJ Sports Medicine Performance Center.  A VO2 max test
is usually required to reach effort to bring on asthma.  If office testing is negative, Dr.
Silberman may test your performance in the field or pre- and post- bronchodilation

If you are a cyclist, Dr. Silberman may test you out on the roads you ride on.
If you are a swimmer, Dr. Silberman can perform pulmonary function tests at your pool.
If you are a skater, Dr. Silberman can perform pulmonary function tests you at your rink.

Therapeutic Use Exemption forms for use of beta-2 agonists by inhalation and
glucocorticosteroids by non-systemic routes can be filled out for the World Anti-Doping
Agency (WADA), otherwise you will

You will not achieve peak potential if you have untreated asthma.

Untreated asthma is a serious health risk.
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