New Jersey Sports Medicine Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

New Jersey Sports Medicine remains open during this difficult time.   
We have made operational changes to keep you safe, our staff safe, and
to help flatten the curve and slow the spread of the COVID-19. Nothing
though has changed in terms of Dr. Marc Silberman and New Jersey
Sports Medicine delivering the highest level of patient care.

LabCorp and Quest antibody testing for COVID-19 is available for
asymptomatic and well patients at New Jersey Sports Medicine.

To reassure you at New Jersey Sports Medicine:

Unlike most physicians, Dr. Marc Silberman has no hospital practice or
nursing home long term facility practice and does not visit the hospital or
long term facilities for any reason.  None of the staff at New Jersey
Sports Medicine work or spend any time in a hospital or nursing home.  
We currently have suspended our teaching of all medical students and
residents and other physicians to avoid risk of contact with the novel
Coronavirus COVID-19.

Unlike most physician offices, New Jersey Sports Medicine is run very
lean with the fewest possible staff, currently only Dr. Silberman and one
other staff member will be present during patient hours.

Unlike most physician offices, New Jersey Sports Medicine has an exam
room that is open, greater than 20 feet by 10 feet, compared to usual
orthopedic doctor exam rooms that are 8 feet by 8 feet.

Unlike most physician offices, New Jersey Sports Medicine is a one
physician office and as such the traffic flow is much less than other
orthopedic offices limiting our and your contact with others.

Because we are a one physician office, at New Jersey Sports Medicine
we have been able to space patient visits out so that you will not be in
contact with other patients, scheduling patients every 30 minutes,
keeping only one patient/one family in the wait room at any one time.  If
you wish, you may wait in your car and we will get you prior to your
visit with Dr. Silberman.

We ask that if you need emergency orthopedic care, please do not visit
an urgent care or emergency room prior to coming to New Jersey Sports
Medicine.  Call New Jersey Sports Medicine first (908) 647 - 6464 and
come here first as to not overwhelm the hospitals and to not put yourself
in danger or our office in danger.  We have
COVID-19 antibody testing,
x-ray and ultrasound on site, casting, splinting, and bracing at New
Jersey Sports Medicine.

Wash your hands often.  Keep a distance from others.  Do not visit high
risk locations such as crowded places and hospitals and urgent cares and
long term facilities.  And if you have any symptoms, please let us know
as Telemedicine is another option for established patients.

This too shall pass.
Get Better. Faster.
Get Better. Faster.
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